What is Silo Telemetry?

Silo Telemetry is the ability to remotely realise the content of a silo or vessel using the internet and mobile networks.

Using telemetry allows for a customer or a supplier to be more accountable for raw materials which are used in a process.

A typical example of this is a flour silo at a bakery.
The baker would like to avoid running out of flour. The telemetry sends out a message at a preset low level via email or SMS to the supplier. The supplier dispatches a load of flour to the baker. This is done hands free and the baker will not run out of flour.

In the case of a supplier they will not want their customers to run out of a raw product which they supply. This is called Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). The telemetry reports back to the vendor. The vendor is responsible for delivering the inventory. A seamless communication between customer and supplier which never goes to sleep.

A vendor or supplier may have many customers with many silos. The vendor or supplier can view all customer silos on the one Dashboard. Each customer of the vendor or supplier has their own login which allows that customer to only view their silo.

If it can be measured then it can be read. From any device at any time.