Field equipment

Field equipment consist of the Sensor/s, Telemetry Hardware and a Power Source.

Sensors can be configured to measure just about anything; eg. weight, levels, flow rates, ph levels etc.

The Telemetry Hardware this is the guts of the field equipment, the Telemetry hardware collects the data from the sensors and transmits the information to the central server via the mobile phone network.

Power Source, the whole system draws very little voltage - 24 Volt. Sensors only require milliAmps and the main power draw is when the Telemetry hardware actually transmits, so the equipment is extremely efficient and can easily be powered by Solar or Batteries if not connected to the mains.


Food Industry - Any ingredient which is supplied in bulk be it Granular, Powder, Solid, Liquid

Agricultural - Stock feed silos, Water tank Level, Grain silos

Transport - Cold storage transportation, GPS real time Tracking

Food manufacturers - Tank and Silo level monitoring and automatic meter readings

Chemical Industriess - storage level and temperature monitoring

Factory automation - monitoring the state of machines and moving parts

Utilities, Councils & Environmental - monitoring applications, including pumping stations and related equipment

Gas Industries - Tank level monitoring and automatic meter readings